brewery bar chips

Starting a business is not easy, and starting a brewery is even less so. However, your dream can become a reality with the right planning, investment, passion, and a quality beer, you can succeed. Here is a guide on the steps you need to take to start your own brewery. Notice the importance of carrying your branding through, right down to the bar chips.

1.      Do Some Soul Searching

The beer brewing industry calls for tremendous stamina. You need to ask yourself whether you have what it takes to pursue this labor-intensive trade. It involves long hours, you will get dirty, whilst endeavoring to maintain good records, work with vendors and customers. You also need to be certain that you can operate without a profit for an extended period of time.

2.      Invest Time in Learning the Trade

It will benefit you to acquire some job skills. Perhaps you can do a stint working in a brewery. Formal training options are also available, such as online courses. Alternatively, you can budget for the services of a professional brewer when you get started.

3.      Create a Business Plan

Once you have determined the size of the setup you are aiming for, this will help you calculate the startup costs. Draw up a budget for items such as equipment, supplies, insurance, furniture, poker chip business cards, and business permits.

4.      Select a Location

For a brewery to succeed, careful thought needs to go into its location. As you source for options, keep in mind your needs in terms of the space required. For example, you need to determine how much space the brewery will take up, and the area required for the bar. In addition, a good location will have:

–          Access to a loading area

–          Adequate storage

–          Enough room for parking.

It should also be in the neighborhood of your intended target group.

      5- Choose a unique name for your business

For your brand to stand out in an industry that is becoming flooded, you need a unique name. A catchy name is memorable, and it will play an important role in the growth of your brand. You want a name that is not complicated; one that is easy to remember. You may opt to use your own name or source for a foreign word, but whatever you decide; your name should exude the essence of your brand.

   6- Complete the Paperwork

This involves:

–          Raising the capital

–          Obtaining government permits and licenses

–          Looking into environmental requirements

–          Obtaining insurance

–          Sourcing for distribution partners

  7. How to Define Your Brand

Creativity is needed to make your craft beer embody a unique personality. Branding is what shapes your identity and signals what your clients should expect from your product.

Branding involves deciding on a slogan, selecting your corporate colors, and creating your logo. Thereafter, you need to consistently apply these choices across your business. Your logo should appear on your signage, interiors, on your bar chips, paper napkins, and other items.

Finally, share your unique brew with others and live your dream. Remember that even the big boys started small. With a clear vision and solid business plan, you will achieve success.