Bar, Brewery, & REstaurant Chips

“The Ultimate Drink token” Brewery poker Chips


Bars and Breweries around the Country are working hard to Uniquely brand their Products!

Our BrewChips™ are being used in so many Unique Ways.

Our Chips have a Top Quality look and feel, vibrant colors and double sided logos. Bar & Brewery logos POP on our chips and Patrons love them.

Are you looking for a Drink Token to represent your establishment? 

The Benefits of Our Chips

• Fast Selling Accessory for your Merchandise Store
• VIP Chips for your Best Customers
• FREE Appetizer or Beer Chips to Redeem
• Owners and GM’s can use for Business Cards
• Our Magnetic Chips stick to the Fridge–Right near your Beer!
• Your Golf Customers Love the Chips as a Ball Marker

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Leave A lasting Impression. EVERY TIME.

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