Cheap Custom Poker Chips

Cheap Custom Poker Chips

Your bar’s business card must describe the next level of turning your small bar dream into a truth. And for many possible customers, it’s the initial communication of them with your brand – therefore, make certain it is a confident one like the cheap poker chips.

A thoughtfully-designed business card does more than display your contact information. It will present you professionally, build trust of your bar, and place your bar apart from others. But before you begin giving out business cards to everyone you meet, stop and question yourself: What forms a good business card for a bar? How to make it stand out and eventually bring in more business?

The answer: A particular sequence of the details you insert and how you display it. Here, we’re providing you 5 essential business card tips for bar owners on designing a business card that best describes you and your business!

Find a Template that Reflects Your Brand’s Personality

Your business card speaks a lot of you and your bar…so, choose a design that reflects your brand. Perhaps you are an interior decorator specializing in modernized styling and admires clean lines – remember that with a clean and simple template. Or, maybe you are a dog walker with a friendly personality – show you the business’s nature of the fun with a colorful, less formal card.

Find the Right Typeface

If there is a font that you have been using on your site or other marketing collaterals, make sure to integrate those into your business card. The font you pick should describe your brand. Perhaps a beautiful script if you’re a wedding planner or if you’re a writer, perhaps a typewriter-inspired font that’s easy to read. All of your text should be at least 8 pts., but more important information (like your name or business name) can be printed in larger size, a different typeface, or in bold.

Settle on a Size and Shape

Your business card’s orientation and size affect text size and the volume of information you can include and make a statement about your brand. Are you a bold non-conformist or a conventional frills enterprise?

Most business cards are rectangular, about the credit card’s size, and expend horizontally. The general public is familiar with this format, so it’s a reliable option…but if you love to stand out, think of using rounded corners, a square shape, or vertical orientation.

Organize Your Information

Speaking of information…your brand’s business card must provide customers everything they need to contact you, find you online, or locate your storefront. Besides your name and job title, add your business name, telephone number, website, email address, and social media handles. Make sure you include all of this information on your business card so customers can quickly contact you the way they are most comfortable with.

Do Double Duty

Get your business card work double as hard for you and your tiny bar. Use the back side for loyalty stamps, appointment reminders, or as a blank canvas to represent something regarding your business. You can order cheap poker chips for your bar from the Poker Chip Universe. These poker chips provide a unique impression and deliver your card a look that’s totally different from others!