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Impress Your Patrons with Poker Chip Bar Tokens

“The Ultimate CUSTOM Drink token”

Brewery Poker Chips


Outlaws Grill & Saloon Custom Drink Tokens

Bars and Breweries around the Country are working hard to Uniquely brand their Products!

Our BrewChips™ are being used in so many Unique Ways. Our custom drink chps can be used in a variety of creative ways from rewarding frequent patrons to driving new business by simply adding a redeemable promotion. Each Brewery Poker chip has two sides! Brand one side with your logo, website or phone number, and use the flip side to create a call to action limited only by your creativity… food discounts, free drink, or appetizer, monetary amounts, or use as a collectible item for your merchandise shop. Replace that cheap wood token with our high quality, customizable drink chips! What are you waiting for?

Our Custom Brewery Chips have a Top Quality look and feel, vibrant colors and double sided logos. You Bar & Brewery logo will POP on our chips and Patrons love them.

Are you looking for a stand out Custom Drink Token

to represent your establishment? 

The Benefits of Our Chips

  • Fast Selling Collectible for your Merchandise Store
  • VIP Chips for your Best Patrons
  • FREE Appetizer or food discounts to include with to go orders
  • FREE Beer or Drink tokens to hand out to New or Returning Patrons
  • Great for Fundraisers or Charity Events
  • Collectible for Special Events
  • Owners and GM’s can use for Business Cards
  • Our Magnetic Chips stick to the Fridge–Right near your Beer!
  • Your Golf Customers Love the Chips as a Ball Marker
Limestone Brewers custom black and yellow brewery chips

Brewery Poker Chips Gallery

How to Order Your Poker Chip Business Cards

1. Send Us Your Logo

Email your logo and any information you want on your chip.

2. FREE Proof

Our Talented Designers will design your chips and send a FREE proof!

3. Choose Your Chips

Choose the chip colors you like, the quantity, and approve your proof.

4. Payment

Pay with a CC.

It’s that Simple!

Leave A lasting Impression. EVERY TIME.

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Our Colors

  • All 10 colors can be mixed within your order
  • Double Sided Logos included for all chips
  • NO Set Up Fees!
  • Our own line of 10 Chip Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black with Yellow, Pink, Lime, and Navy!