Custom Poker Chip Ordering Guidelines

Design your business card carefully to make you look professional, build trust among clients. To set your business apart from others in the same field, you can design custom poker chip business cards. These cards have assisted hundreds of sales professionals and business owners to stand out in their competition.

When attending conferences, exhibitions, or events, exchanging business cards at the end of a discussion is important for following up afterward.

So, follow the listed rules to make sure your card represents you and your business in the best manner.

Choose a Design That Fits You

Choose the design and colors that are linked with your business firm to make you easy to recognize and representative of the business services or products you offer. If you are a small business or sales executives, unique business cards such as custom poker chip business cards are the best way to promote your company creatively and impressively. Or if your business is of stone masonry or carpentry, you can showcase your business expertise by including a photo of your work. Your choice of finish and paper stock suggests to the clients whether you offer affordable solutions around or upscale services.

Deliver an Elegant First Impression

Your business card speaks a lot regarding you and your business. Your design tells your values, separates your business from the others in the market, and encourages the public to shop for the product or services you are providing. Either your style of working is straightforward or formal, your products are playful or creative, capture every quality by using only bold colors and a catchy tagline.

Select an Appropriate Size and Shape

Appropriate size and shape are extremely important factors to consider while designing your business card. It changes the text size and volume of data you can add and communicates things like either you are a bold or conventional non-conformist. Most people are familiar with horizontal rectangular cards. Whereas, vertical cards are less common. Try to go from other options like custom poker chip business cards instead of horizontal or vertical cards, to make a unique impression, unlike others!

Add Your Website and Logo

Make sure your customers recognize and remember you by mentioning your business logo and website to your business card. Try to include other marketing materials and other things your business is well known for (be it your sign, the uniforms of your staff, the building, etc.)

Make Sure Your Contact Details Are Accurate

Proofread the business cards several times to make sure of clear contact details, correct spelling, and legible font in a readable size. After adding your name and job title, make sure you have mentioned your business, website, email address, telephone number, and social media pages to your card. It will provide your customers with more than one contact option, and they can reach you easily.

Add a Special Touch, Like Choosing a Unique Poker Chip Business Card Design

Try to deliver a special touch to your business card by including features such as embossing, raised print, catchy card shape, or foil accent finishes. Or design custom poker chip business cards or memorable trade show giveaways from Poker Chip Universe, that’s already special from others and do not require any alteration. Your customers will see the difference and your card will get noticed!