Customize Poker Chips

How others see us is important. Everything counts; from our appearance to the way we carry ourselves. First Impressions are created rapidly. Hence, there is a need to pay attention to tips on how to make killer first impressions on your clients. From the way we dress to custom business cards in the form of customize poker chips, we’ll discuss the ways you can make killer first impressions. 

Why is a Good First Impression Important?

A good first impression is especially crucial in business settings for the following reasons:

  • It can determine whether or not you will form a first encounter that will result in a meaningful business partnership.
  • A good first impression means that you establish your reputation as a professional from the onset.
  • It can give you an edge over the competition; grant you a hearing which will lead to winning contracts.

Tips on How to Make Killer First Impressions

  1. Begin with a Flawless Digital First Impression

Your first contact with your clients will likely be a digital one, therefore, make it memorable. Your profile photo should be a current headshot portraying a professional image. Your web design should be clean, clear cut, and mobile optimized. Think of yourself as a brand, and present yourself in a way that is true to your values. That way, you will make a good first impression on your clients.

  1. The Meeting

It is important to be punctual and to be you. Making eye contact inspires confidence, and so does a firm handshake. A warm smile indicates that you are open and approachable. Listen keenly to the client when he speaks to show that you value his opinion.

  1. Your Personal Appearance

Endeavor to pay attention to the following:

  • A good posture portrays confidence; therefore remember to stand straight, but look comfortable in your skin.
  • Try not to fidget with merchandise as you speak, as the client will be distracted
  • Grooming is important. Make smart wardrobe choices that will appeal to your customer base. Perhaps you can make inquiries regarding their dress code in advance.
  • Your hair and nails should be well-groomed.
  1. Engage in Small Talk

Small talk is important in business. This is because it helps build connections and reflects your interest in the individual. It is an art to be cultivated. The key point to remember is to keep it light and endeavor to come across as likable. Identify common ground. This will make it easier for the client to remember the encounter.

  1. Customize Poker Chips as Business Card

The business card you present at your first meeting is important.  Its design and quality should be consistent with your brand. For example, customize poker chips are a sign of innovation and creativity. Poker Chip Universe can offer you a design that will be perfectly in line with the image that you wish to portray. 

A custom-made poker chip business card is unique. Not only will your logo and contact details be clearly displayed, but the card will stand out as different from the others, hence it will not be thrown away. Unlike ordinary cards, a poker chip business card can withstand wear and tear; hence it is a good option.

A good first impression sets the tone of your future interactions; therefore, make an effort to start on a good footing. If you do so, you will come across as trustworthy and a person they will want to do business with.