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The attributes of a good salesperson include the ability not only to build a rapport with clients but also to efficiently close a deal and create revenue. An Important sales tactic is to offer innovative products such as drink chips. Here are proven sales tactics that have proved successful in bring in new business.

1)      You must be a Good Listener

Listening has been described as the most important part of a sales person’s job. This is because:

  • Listening helps you to develop a relationship with a client
  • When you listen without interrupting you will not miss out on important details that  may help you achieve a sale
  • It will help you determine where more clarification is needed
  • Listening shows that you care
  • When you listen keenly, you are able to discern the unsaid.
  • A good listener is able to provide the needed solutions

2)      Offer Innovative Products

A proven sales tactic is to identify gaps in the market and introduce a unique product such as drink chips to address the needs of the customer. Product innovation can help an organization survive in a flooded market.

A good example of an innovative product is the drink chips produced by Poker Chip Universe. Personalized drink chips fill the need for business cards that not only stand out but also durable. The Poker Chip Universe website details the options available.

3)      Make Good Use of Social Media

Social media is vital in sales. This is because of the influence of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube on prevailing trends. Sales tactics that include networking on a virtual level are highly successful. It enables your brand to gain visibility. In addition, your content will reach a wider audience. A social media presence helps you both drive and nurture your business.

 4)       Provide Value

A sales tactic that cannot fail is value-based selling. People cannot resist a deal that offers value for money. Customers like to know that they will derive benefits from their investment.

Value-based selling focuses on the provision of service rather than the price of it. It takes skill to shift focus away from the cost of the product and achieve a sale based on the attributes of it.

5)      Ask for Referrals

One of the best ways of getting new leads is to ask those you already have a relationship with for sales referrals.

A contact gained this way is a valuable one as it puts you in a position to have a foot in the door from the start. This will enable you to close the deal faster. Embracing sales referrals as an essential way of getting leads will help you grow your client base and generate more revenue.

However, you need to establish a good relationship with the initial client first, by acquiring a reputation of reliability and perhaps through drink chips business cards.

6)      Know Your Competition

Learning the advantages of your competitors is a key element of success as it will motivate you to maximize your unique attributes.

  • You will manage relationships better to improve on customer experience
  • It will help you further develop your products to make them stand out
  • Knowing your competition will make you aim for a more competitive pricing module

Adopting the above sales tactics with drink chips will help you be more effective as you will better understand the needs of your customers, acquire leads, and stand out from your competitors with unique business cards.