How long has Logo Golf Chips Inc. been in Business?
In 2006, LGC Inc. created the Poker Chip Ball Marker product for the Golf World!


After discovering that NO Golf Courses in Las Vegas sold Logo Poker Chips, our Founder Mike Blake, decided to take a chance and create a Market for this new Product. Bali Hai, Bear’s Best, and Wolf Creek Golf Courses were 1st to order, and after a quick sell through of product we could see the Potential. The Rollout was on!!
Poker Chips as a Ball Marker and Souvenir was a natural in Nevada, but how would it be accepted in California, Arizona and the rest of the U.S.?


Turns out, Pretty Well! Fast forward 10 years and several thousand Golf Courses around the World have now sold our Logo Poker Chips in their Pro Shops. Millions of Golfers collect and use our Poker Chip Markers and they Truly have become “The Fun” Collectible selling alongside Logo Golf Balls in Most Golf Shops.


A few years into selling Golf Poker Chips, we discovered a new market that has become Massively Popular. Many Sales People and Small Business owners who loved Golf, also loved the Chips! They wanted their Business Logo’s on the chips and to use for Trade Show & Event Giveaways and as a Unique alternative to the Old Paper Business Card. So we created the Poker Chip Business Cards, and they’ve become an incredible “Ice Breaker” and promotional tool with a very long lifespan. Our Custom Poker Chips are perfect for Fortune 500 Companies, Small Business, Bars & Restaurants and Sales People around the world who want to “Stand Out” and “Be Remembered”!
Are the Golf Poker Chips, Business Card and Tradeshow Chips different?
No, they are all the same style chip.
Our website shows different Companies how to best utilize the poker chips within their industry.

We’re proud to offer the Highest quality Poker chip on the market. Our Chips weigh 11.5 grams, and have the look & feel that any company is proud to place their Logo on for Promotion.

Be very careful when shopping for Custom Poker Chips on the Internet. 90% of the Chips are not made with Quality in mind and aren’t suitable for most companies. Always ask for a Sample Poker Chip to be mailed out to make sure the look, feel, print and weight of the Chip is what you want before wasting money on the Cheapest Chip…..that really is the “Cheapest Chip”!
What Kind of Art do I need?

AI, EPS, PDF are the preferred art formats. JPEG’s can be used, as long as art is 300 dpi/ppi or better.

How much are Set Up Fees?
There’s No Set Up Fees!
We can create the chip design, or you can email camera ready art. Chips have a 1.25″ circle diameter for customization
When do you except payment?
You don’t need to pay until you approve Art Proofs and OK for production. So, simply email over your artwork to begin the order process.
Yes, IT’S THAT SIMPLE! We will email your invoice and accept Credit Card and Check Payment.
Are chips printed on both sides?
Yes, our Custom chips include full customization for both sides.
For Example, Business Card Chips can have the Main Company logo on 1 side, and Relevant Business Card information on the Flip Side. Please browse our Gallery to see our High Quality 4 process digital Printing.
Can you print Photos and Pictures?
Yes, our Chips are incredibly vibrant!
We print Many Signature Hole images for the Backside for Golf Courses, as well as Pictures of Real Estate Agents for their Business Card Chips.
What is the Minimum order?

100 Chips is typically are Minimum order size, but we’re a Flexible Company and we’ll always try to accommodate customers.

How many Chip Colors does LGC offer?
We have 12 Chip Colors (Black, Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Orange, Black with Pink Stripes, Navy with lime stripes, Pink, Yellow, Teal, and Orange with Blue stripes).
All Chip border colors are shown at the bottom of our webpages. We will Show you your logo in all 12 chip colors, and you can choose any Variety when you finalize your order in Multiples of 50’s per chip color with the total quantity.
How long do orders take to ship?

We almost always turn around new artwork the same day for Proofs. When the art is finalized, we typically ship out in 5-8 Business days.


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