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Part of the fun of going away is shopping for souvenirs to bring home. You want to pick up authentic mementos to remind you of a lovely experience. Golf poker chips top the list of unique souvenirs to bring home.

Why We Buy Souvenirs

A souvenir is a keepsake that reminds us of a time and place we visited. It comes from the French word that means remembrance. Souvenirs are collected by the visitor and also purchased as gifts for family and friends who did not come along on the journey. They may not have monetary value, but the memories they carry are precious to the holder.

What makes Good Souvenirs?

An item that sums up the spirit of the place you are visiting is a good souvenir. For example, a CD containing the folk music of the land, cooking ingredients to make a dish that you sampled, or fridge magnets depicting famous landmarks will help preserve your memories. Below is a list of 5 unique souvenirs to bring home.

1.      Golf Poker Chips

If you are a golfer or have friends and family who are golf enthusiasts, this is an excellent and unique souvenir to bring home. The rules of golf state that a small coin, disc, or similar can be used to mark a ball.

What better idea for a souvenir than a personalized, colorful golf poker chip? Not only is it evidence of style, but it also tells a story. Poker Chip Universe can customize the golf poker chip with a double-sided logo in addition to which you have 10 chip colors to choose from.

This is a souvenir that will be long remembered as the Poker Chip Universe offers quality; their golf poker chips, as well as brewery drink chips are made of durable material that is designed to last.

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2.      Décor Items for your Home

Adding art pieces and other items to your décor is a wonderful way to keep memories of your travels alive. They can include items such as:

  • Wood carvings from Africa
  • Brass handicrafts from India
  • Swiss Music boxes
  • Ceramics from Holland
  • Wooden Toys from the Czech Republic

3.      Postcards

At times we visit landmarks where photography is prohibited for security and other reasons, such as Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello home, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. Such places usually have a gift shop that sells images of the landmark in the form of postcards, hence these make ideal souvenirs. They help to preserve our memory of the places we visit.

4.      Bottles of Liqueur

Most countries have a signature or national liqueurs that they are famed for, and this is another unique souvenir, along with golf poker chips, to bring home. These include:

  • Poitin from Ireland
  • Old Tom from England
  • Rosolio from Italy
  • Pama from Bardstown Kentucky
  • Rum Chata from Wisconsin

 5.      Food

Every country has a unique cuisine and specialties. Carry home a part of that edible treasure such as:

  • Marmite from England
  • Chocolates from Switzerland
  • Tea from China
  • Macrons from France

 When we take the time to carefully select unique souvenirs to bring home such as brewery drink souvenirs, we are not only safeguarding our memories but also doing our part to promote the local economy of the places we visit. In addition, your golf buddies are sure to cherish their customized golf poker chips.