How custom poker chip magnets can help your business

magnetic chips

It has been suggested that on average we walk by our refrigerators about 15 times daily. Hence what better way to promote your business than to invest in magnetic business cards that can be prominently displayed on fridge doors?

Find out the 4 key reasons why your business should give away these unique business cards.

You can customize the magnets to fit your business

Whether you are seeking a classic look or a more eye-catching option for maximum impact, there is a wide range of templates available to match your requirements. Great care is taken to ensure that you have a unique, personalized product.

If you prefer business card chips for your brand, you have the leeway to choose a design that will work for you and conform to your vision. Once the design selection process is complete, your logo and contact details will be inserted accordingly.

You are guaranteed of a quality product

One of the aims of a business card is to create a positive image of your brand.  Therefore, skimping on quality will reflect badly on your business. Custom made business cards are not only good value, but they also represent quality. They both look good and feel good.

A major plus is that you will be working together with your dedicated graphic designer, hence you will be involved in the creative process and ultimately have a say in the final product. Customised business cards are professionally printed, which is another reason you can be assured of consistently high quality items.

You can use magnetic business cards to thank your customers

The advantage of investing in good quality material is that you will not shy away from sharing it. Your high-quality magnet business cards will make great giveaways. 

This is an excellent way to express your appreciation to your clients while advertising your business at the same time. They can be prominently displayed in key places that will give your business continuous recognition. In addition, your clients will be happy to receive a gift that they can put to good use.

Magnetic business cards – an innovative way to promote your brand

Advertising using your magnet business cards is an innovative way to promote your business. Whether mounted on a refrigerator or in your office’s receiving area, your business cards will have constant visibility, and most importantly, your contact details will be readily available when needed. Since your business details are constantly on view, your brand will be the first one that comes to mind when your services are needed.

Another advantage of promoting your brand using magnet business cards is that they are easily distributed. You can hand them out to clients directly, mail them, or distribute them at trade exhibitions.

Therefore why not choose this cost-effective way of promoting your brand through the use of magnet business cards. We at Poker Chip Universe are the world’s number one custom poker chip company that offers unique business card magnets that will surely help your business stand out. Contact us to learn more about our services and pricing.