How do I make my business card stand out?

poker chip business cards

There is no shortage of novel ideas to attract new business. Bars and restaurants are using drink chips to run promotions, whereas other businesses prefer to keep their brand in circulation by means of wooden nickels. However, a more cost-effective way you can attract new business that has been tried and tested is through the use of custom made poker chip business cards.

Why is a Business Card Effective?

A business card serves to introduce both you and your brand to your potential customer. It provides a snapshot of the nature of your business and sets the tone for your brand. For it to be effective, however, the following is necessary:

Your Business Card Should be Unique

Customers are offered business cards all the time and they likely do not have the time to check them out properly. Truth is, unless these business cards stand out in some way, they will most likely end up stashed somewhere or worse, in the garbage bin. Hence, to make an impact, trying out new things, such as unique business card poker chips.

Alternatively, experimenting with unusual colors and textures can pay off. Others have found that a folded card generates anticipation, curiosity, and adds an element of surprise. Better still, a cool idea is to check out custom made business cards because they are guaranteed to stand out.

The Advantages of a Having a Unique Business Card

  1. Your company will be best represented by a fun, unique, and colorful card. The essence of your brand can easily be captured using customized poker business cards.  These unique poker chip cards  can be produced in a wide variety of designs that can incorporate your logo and brand colors for a customized look.
  2. Custom poker chip business cards are a powerful marketing tool as they remain in view; they are not placed in a wallet and forgotten. Every time your customer looks at the pictures or notes on the refrigerator, your business will come to mind, hence your brand is reinforced.
  3. Compared to other promotional materials, unique business cards are durable and can last years. This renders them cost-effective, and best of all, they will make your business stand out from the crowd.

Aim for Quality

To attract more customers, you want to create a high-quality card that reflects creativity and attention to detail. Using good quality material with a unique texture will result in a business card that will not only be remembered, but also one that will stand the test of time.

Custom logo poker business cards are classy and if you choose the right maker, can be of superior quality. A professionally designed card communicates a serious commitment to excellence and excellent service.

Clarity is Important

When designing your business card, it is important to keep in mind that the features have to stand out. For the provided information to direct the customer correctly, all the details should be clear and concise. The font you select should be readable. It is also important to pay attention to grammar and spelling in order to make a good impression.

Poker chip business cards are not only fun, they can also be impactful promotional items as they keep potential customers reminded of your business. Looking for a reliable provider? Reach out to Poker Chip Universe, the world’s top custom poker chip company, to discuss your needs.