Fourteen years ago we set out to create a unique and memorable ball marker for the golf industry and introduced the very first and original Poker Chip Ball Marker Product as Logo Golf Chips, Inc. Over the years we have grown and expanded into numerous industries and to reflect that growth we have rebranded under a new name, Poker Chip Universe.

We began our journey making custom Poker Chip Ball Markers for over 4,000 Golf Courses worldwide. Golfers have collected our chips from all of their favorite courses. It didn’t take long before golf-enthusiast Business Owners and Sales People started requesting our Chips as a Unique Business Card and our Golf Ball Markers took on another life as the Original Poker Chip Business Card!

Thousands of small business owners and Sales Executives love these unique chips and use them as Poker Chip Business Cards. Industries such as Financial Planners and Real Estate agents to Electricians and Dentists love utilizing the chips for their marketing and introductions. 

Poker Chip Universe is the Inventor and Original Creator of Custom Poker Chips and Custom Magnetic Poker Chips and is located in Palm Desert, California, USA. We ship Worldwide!

custom magnetic poker chips from poker chip universe