Magnetic Business cards

Poker chip business cards are the Ultimate Marketing & Sales tool for 2023! On top of that… we make this line of custom chips with an embedded Magnet which helps you “Stick Around” with clients for years upon years!  

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Magnetic Business Cards


Magnetic Poker Chips are a highly effective marketing tool that clients will keep because they are useful! Magnets are always placed on the fridge where they hold everything from important papers to artwork. And because they are on the most used appliance, they get seen every time the fridge door is opened.

STAND OUT! Don’t get thrown out.

Our unique business card magnets STAND OUT from all the other boring flat magnets. How many other poker chips are on your fridge? 

Professionals in many industries utilize our magnet business cards: Real Estate Agents, Restaurants & Bars, Electrician & Plumbers, Insurance Agents, Financial Advisors, Technicians, etc…

The Best part is our Magnetic Business Cards are only .10 more than our regular Poker Chips!

Magnetic Business Cards
Magnetic Business Cards

Now you can order Chips for a Cause! Raise awareness and funds for your favorite charities. We’ll add the Pink Ribbon logo to the back for free. Add 100 “Chips for a Cure” chips to your order, and hand out to employees and at events to Promote your Companies Awareness message! 

We create magnetic poker chips in 10 colors, so you can choose one that complements your business. Brand colors play a big role in helping people remember your brand. But if you want a variety of colors, you may mix all 10 in your order.

The great thing about magnetic poker chips is any business can use them. If you’re a home improvement or repair company, a poker chip on the fridge makes you an easy contact for the homeowners. If you’re a real estate agent, it’ll be very easy for the homeowners to send your contacts to someone they know who might need your help.

No matter what industry you’re in, a fridge magnet is a surefire way to be remembered by prospects.

And Poker Chip Universe creates magnetic chips that are memorable. These poker chips have a 1.25” diameter for clear, crisp images and vibrant colors. Although the chip weighs approximately 11.5 grams, the strong magnet will keep it in place. It’s strong enough to hold sheets of paper on a vertical metal surface.

Browse our gallery for ideas:


Our Colors

  • All 10 colors can be mixed within your order
  • Double Sided Logos included for all chips
  • NO Set Up Fees!
  • Our own line of 10 Chip Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Black with Yellow, Pink, Lime, and Navy!
Magnetic Business Cards


• They’re useful!
• Customers don’t throw them away
• Magnets get placed on the most used appliance
• 24/7 Marketing because they are seen every time your clients opens the fridge
• The fridge gets opened up to 20-30 times a day
• They STAND OUT from the boring, flat, rectangular business card magnet
• Fun and colorful, they catch the eye
• They’re different, which makes YOUR business STAND OUT

Magnetic Business Cards

How to Order Your Poker Chip Business Cards

1. Send Us Your Logo

Email your logo and any information you want on your chip.

2. FREE Proof

Our Talented Designers will design your chips and send a FREE proof!

3. Choose Your Chips

Choose the chip colors you like, the quantity, and approve your proof.

2. Payment

Pay with a CC.

It’s that Simple!

Leave A lasting Impression. EVERY TIME.

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