Personalized Poker Chips

businessmen shaking hands | personalized poker chips

There is a laid down process when it comes to sales. The process starts with finding potential customers, listening to them to determine their needs. Thereafter you develop a presentation, overcome any objections, close the sale, and do a follow-up. Here are 5 sales hacks to help you close more deals. One of them is the offer of personalized poker chips as giveaways.

 1.      The Assumptive Close

Based on the conviction that you have applied good sales tactics such as having personalized poker chips and that your product offers the best solution, you can use this technique. It involves creating the impression that the customer has already agreed to the sale. One way you can use this sales hack is to offer to get the paperwork started.

2.      Create a sense of urgency

This is a sales hack that will help you achieve rapid results. You want the customer to move quickly and not delay his decision. Hence you can create a sense of urgency right from the beginning.

  • Describe in detail what is involved and the process that will be followed to get the product to him.
  • Recommend an earlier follow-up date – try to move the dates forward
  • Remind them about the reasons why they need a solution (such as  and the benefits of putting it in place as quickly as possible

3.      Summary Closes

This involves listing the benefits that the client will derive from the product perhaps through personalized poker chips. If you do this in a way that emphasizes the aspect of obtaining value for money, it will help you close the sale. It is important to go into full detail listing value-adds such as free delivery, product guarantees, and after-sales service. A summary close repeats details that were previously shared for emphasis.

4.      The Take Away Close

People dislike it when they are informed that a product is not the right fit for them. It makes them determined to go for it. This is a hack that works well because customers tend to rethink their decision to decline your product when they see you packing up to leave. It is a human trait to want what you have been told you cannot have.

5.      The Something for Nothing Close

No one can resist a valuable gift. Offering a free add-on, one that is valuable, may prompt positive action from the prospective client. They may feel obligated to support you by buying your product. A valuable add-on that will make an impression on your client is personalized poker chips.

 The golfers among your clients will appreciate poker chip golf ball markers that are distinctive, colorful, and unique. Poker Chip Universe creates poker chips with images, logos, and other details on them. They can work with you, guiding you to achieve a unique design that will stand out. To obtain memorable giveaways such as magnetic business cards for your clients you do well to pay a visit to the Poker Chip Universe website.

Lastly, to reach the point of closing the sale, you need to maintain contact with the client through personalized poker chips. Cultivate a relationship with them. This will make your stand out as different from the competition. When a customer finally decides to proceed with the purchase that means that you have achieved your objective.