Poker Chip Ball Markers

poker chips on green background

Collectibles are items that we hold dear, whether or not they have a monetary value. Among the wide range of possible cool collectibles for adults, Poker chip ball markers are unique, and they top the list.

1.      Cool Collectible for Adults

Poker chip ball markers are a good investment as they are timeless. An innovative marketing tool that is growing in popularity, they are ideal for promoting your sponsored events. Poker Chip Universe will customize the chips by branding them with your company logo hence they will be the perfect giveaways that your guests will cherish.

Poker Chip Universe has an amazing range of modern business card designs for you to see for ideas on the design that will suit your brand.

2.      Comic Books

Comic books continue to be extremely popular with collectors. They are fun and potentially a valuable item to collect. Today’s superhero movies have awakened interest in some of the iconic characters present in comic books.

The buying and selling of comic books is a passionate hobby for some. They invest in comics and offload them when they gain value. To get started as a collector, you need to invest funds in the purchase of the books and arrange for adequate and safe storage.

3.       Antiques

A growing trend is that of collecting antique and vintage items. Collectors are on the hunt for items such as:

 Vinyl records – Growing in value, vinyl records are making a comeback and they are hugely popular. A collection of vinyl records is not difficult to put together, and will also not cost much. All you have to do is to go to a store and check out their stock.

New vinyl is also available on Amazon.

Ceramics – These make a great collector’s item as you can trace and verify their origin using the stamp on their base.

 Paintings and Drawings – Some paintings and drawings that were produced by little known artists are growing in popularity and they are fetching considerable sums of money at sales and auctions.

4.      Toys

Ebay is the go-to place to source toys if you are a new collector. Toy conventions are also recommended as good sources of valuable dolls. Collectors are inspired by the memory of the toys that they treasured during their childhood.

As adults, they can indulge in their passion and purchase toys to their hearts’ desire. Some focus on specific toy lines such as Star Trek and Barbie. Others collect limited editions of Lego sets, replicas of automobiles, and Playmobil buses, campers, and other items.

5.      Model Trains

This is a popular collector’s item that brings great joy. Lovers of trains build collections of model train engines and cars. This is a hobby that is not only popular throughout the world, but one that can be lucrative. An old model train can cost as much as $10,000. However, for the real enthusiasts, it is not about the money.