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Do you Leave a Lasting Impression when meeting new Clients?

Our Custom Poker Chip Business Cards (BizChips™) help thousands of Small Business Owners and Sales Professionals Stand Out from their Competition! Hand a Prospect your BizChip™ and this unique business card “breaks the ice” and the conversation starts. You have a powerful marketing and branding tool because clients don’t throw these chips away! Because they keep them, your business stays top of mind and when the need arises they will know who to call. These custom made business cards will truly help you Stand Out! Let’s get started…

 Paper Business cards have not changed over the last 400 Years. And the reality is, within a few days, 88% of them are thrown in a Trash Can or Shoebox full of Cards. Don’t let that happen!

We’ve changed that with our Custom Poker Chip Business Cards!


Our poker chip business cards are Heavyweight, Colorful and Double-sided! They show off your Logo and pertinent information in a way paper business cards just can’t. They’re cool and customers will perceive value when you hand them this fun, creative business card. And, they’ll keep your chip on their desk, where it will become a favorite Lucky Chip, or they’ll use it as a Golf Ball Marker! This truly personalized business card keeps your company name in front of your customer.

Now isn’t that what you really want out of a Business Card??

front and backs of custom poker chip business cards


You Only Get 1 First Impression

Longterm Advertising for your Brand

The Ultimate Promotional Product for Tradeshows

BizChips™ easily get a Conversation Started

Fantastic Giveaway when Golfing with Clients


Leave A lasting Impression. EVERY TIME.

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Our Colors

  • All 10 colors can be mixed within your order
  • Double Sided Logos included for all chips
  • NO Set Up Fees!
  • Our own line of 10 Chip Colors: Black, Red, Blue, Green,
  • Orange, Purple, Black with Yellow, Black with Pink, Lime with Black, and Navy!