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These days, it is hard to remember a time before all of our records went digital. Before the world had LinkedIn profiles, freelancing platforms, and online jobs, it worked with business cards. However, this digital age has many unique business card designs, like the poker chip challenge coins.

This marketing system may appear old-school, though business cards are just as valuable today as they were decades ago for some business owners.

Let’s take a look at whether you really need business cards. Are there business card design practices in the digital age to help you stand out from the pack?

Do You Really Need Business Cards?

The answer lies in your business and your objectives.

Although we’re running in paperless offices more and more, the business card is still the business’s backbone. If you are a small enterprise owner or a fast-growing company with billions of dollars already made, but haven’t got a card that you can hand out to collaborators or prospective customers, you’re missing out on a real marketing opportunity.

Likewise, if your business runs totally online — think graphic design or web development —  poker chip challenge coins are a chance to showcase your different style and your brand’s personality.

Business Card Design Tips

Consider your business card for your creativity, as if it is a blank canvas. Ignore the stodgy, boring business cards that are everywhere in corporate offices. Your business card should display the character of your brand, whether that is abstract, playful, formal, or something else altogether.

Whether you design your cards through a site like Poker Chip Universe, which offers extremely unique business cards options, including poker chip challenge coins, trade show poker chips or work with a local print shop, there are countless ideas to personalize your business card design so that it stands out among your competitors in the market. Here are some of the best ideas to get you started:

●       Play with texture and paper weight. A card on stronger stock or a card with an exciting texture is a tangible way to make your business card stand out.

●       Try an irregular shape. Be sure that the shape is not too irregular, because you still need your card to fit into a regular wallet.

●       Pop your business card’s text with contrast accents. To add shimmer and pizzazz to traditional old business cards, consider using the Metallic foil. Use this method to showcase your business name or to bring your logo to life.

●       Small size. Make sure to maintain the smallest size for your typography to maintain legibility.

●       Image reproduction. Work at 300dpi for most excellent image reproduction

●       Use something other than a card. Is there another small thing you can personalize by your contact details and use it in the place of business cards? Ideally, this is something that links back to your business, like a coaster that helps in promoting your bar or a smartphone pop socket used to promote a tech business. Perhaps something like poker chip challenge coins?