Poker Chip Colors

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An efficient business card requires more than your name and contact details. There are infinite ways you can utilize the 4-inch by 2-inch area in terms of information and design to make your business card stand out. You can add poker chip colors to your card to deliver it an elegant look. An engaging business card attracts people who might have thrown the card and benefits you in networking more productively.

Follow the listed simple rules to ensure your business card describes your brand and draws potential clients or business partners’ attention.

Include Only What’s Important

Enter enough information to pique the attention of recipients and make the business card unforgettable. Skip the kitchen sink and be precise about the information you include.

It’s tempting to decrease the font size and insert every social network profile, a slogan, or more, but this leads to overloaded information and nothing memorable.

Avoid Full Coverage

Some recipients jot down a phrase or a word on business cards to help jog their memories. Efficient use of white space, including content on only a single side, enables receivers to do this more quickly.

From a design perspective, blank space also helps draw attention to the area that does include a logo or text.

Make Sure It Is Legible

Fashionable fonts are fun, but make sure the recipients can read the business card at a glance. Be sure to use fonts that aren’t too small, too fancy, or distorted somehow.

Let your logo be the design component that combines spice to your business card, and retain the text simple and straightforward.

Plan For Your Audience

Suppose you run various companies that complement each other; use your business card’s front side for a single venture and back side for the other.

But, if your companies provide separate operations—for instance, a web developer during the day and a tow car driver in the evening—you must make individual business cards for each program to avoid confusion and deliver directly and adequately to each distinct audience

Use Unique Finishing Options Such As Poker Chip Colors Carefully

Choose a finish that is suitable for your brand, not just something cool to try. Infinite choices are available, like rounded corners, unusual sizes, or different die cuts, corners punched through, foil accents, embossing, folds, and in Poker Chip Universe’s offerings, awesome poker chip colors to transform a simple card into a mini-brochure. 

If such an artistic method is not appropriate to your company, people might remember your business card for the opposite reasons. A glossy card also may discourage recipients who usually use business cards for note-taking.

Consider a Call to Action

Even a streamlined and simple business card can have some critical real estate for a particular offer or other call to action. Craft a quick message that gives a discount, leads recipients to your website, or presents a tip that will be appropriate and useful to the reader.

To design your card and provide it special finishing according to your business needs, you can do it at Poker Chip Universe with poker chip business cards. The site offers a total of 10 poker chip colors to design your business card; all of the ten colors can be mixed within your order.