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Contrary to opinion, business cards are even more relevant now than they were in the past. Although business is increasingly transacted digitally, business cards continue to be an effective marketing tool that makes your brand stand out. Poker chip design business cards are among 5 modern business card ideas that will help you achieve this objective.

 The Advantages of a Business Card

–          Business cards portray a professional image

–          Whereas your contact address can get lost in a sea of email, a business card placed in a wallet will remain there.

–          A business card helps you to establish contacts and build on the connection

–          It is an opportunity for you to provide vital information while displaying creativity and standing apart from the crowd.

The current trend is to think outside the box and invest in business cards that stand out such as:

1.      Edible Business Cards

This is a unique way of standing out from the crowd. Edible business cards are created in the form of cookies, beef jerky, dog biscuits, and others. They are especially suitable for those in the food industry. In the case of beef jerky, your contact details are seared onto the meat with a laser. Also available are business cards that are engraved on peanuts.

2.      Functional Business Cards

A brilliant idea is to offer a business card that serves a useful purpose. This ensures that your brand remains at the forefront of the minds of your customers. Functional business cards include a poker chip design such as the one created by Poker Chip Universe. These are made of durable, long-lasting materials and are customized according to the need of the organization.

Other functional business cards include matchboxes, sponges, USB sticks, balloons, and others. Business cards that are greatly valued are fridge magnets as they are useful for hanging up items on the refrigerator.

In addition, they add color as they are a decorative item. Unlike business cards that are made of paper, fridge magnet business cards do not fold. They are durable and will provide visibility for your brand for a long time.

3.      Toy Business Cards

This is a fun but costly option that will grab the attention of your customers. Some business persons have designed action figures that fit in with their line of work. Others use Lego characters as business cards.

4.      Puzzle Business Cards/Die Cut Cards

This is a unique concept that involves creating business cards in the shape of a jigsaw puzzle. The ‘die’ is a sharp steel cutting blade and it is used to trace unique shapes for business cards. Shapes are cut out to achieve a look that matches your line of work.

5.      Eco-Friendly, Living Business Cards

This is a card that is designed to be remembered. When the bottom of the card is soaked in water it is transformed. It becomes a miniature houseplant. The card is made from paper that contains seeds within it.

 An opportunity for a business connection can occur at any time; whilst eating at a restaurant, or shopping at the mall. Guided by the above modern business card ideas, you will be able to create a unique business card that will help you take advantage of that business opportunity.