Poker Chip Golf Markers

man playing golf | poker chip golf markers

Golf is a challenging sport that needs the coordination of your physical abilities with your mental skills. Not only do you need to be capable of hitting the ball with a club, but you also have to create play-by-play strategies to overcome climatic, natural, and physical obstacles. To make a mark on your game while fighting with these obstacles, you need poker chip golf markers. In addition to challenging your body and mind, this sport also sets you in the center of some of the most charming landscapes and seascapes in the world.

If you are a professional golfer, you have many choices when it comes to your business card’s design. You can use a landscape image of your favorite golf course, you can use a golf-themed art or line art graphic or you can use a picture that highlights golfing equipment. The decision is really up to you. If you write a post for a newspaper or golfing magazine, you may need to design a golf-themed business card that carries your photograph. So, here’s our list of 5 business card tips for every professional golfer!

Find a Template that Reflects Your Brand’s Personality

Your business card speaks a lot of you…so, choose poker chip golf markers that reflect your brand. Maybe you’re a professional golfer who loves playing in clean weather and easy climatic situations – show that with a simple and clean template. Or, possibly you’re the one that loves challenging weather and playing in extreme conditions – reflect your game’s fighting style with a colorful, less formal card.

Settle on a Size and Shape

The size and orientation of your business card affect text size and the amount of information you can include and make a statement about your game. Are you a professional golfer, competitive golfer, serious golfer, casual golfer?

Most of the business cards have a rectangular shape, size of the credit card, and horizontally. People are standard with this setup, so it is a reliable choice. However, if you love to stand out, use a square shape, vertical orientation, rounded corners, or even better, opt for poker chip golf markers.

Organize Your Information

Speaking of information…A business card must provide everything customers require to reach you, locate you, or find you online. Make sure you include all of this information on your business card so customers can quickly contact you the way they are most comfortable with.

Find the Right Typeface

If there’s a font you’ve been using on your website or other materials, bring that into your business card like customized poker chip golf markers. The font you choose should represent you – maybe an elegant script – and be easy to read. All of your text has to be at least 8 pts. Also, valuable info (like your business name or legal name) must be written in a bigger size, a particular typeface, or highlighted in bold.

Do Double Duty

Make your business card work twice as hard for you and your love for golf. Use the back side for loyalty stamps, appointment reminders, or just as a plain canvas to present something regarding yourself and your business. You can order cheap poker chips for your golf from the Poker Chip Universe. These poker chips business cards provide a unique impression and deliver your card a look that’s totally different from others!