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You encounter business cards of all sizes, designs, and colors if you regularly engage with people in your industry. They trade their business, companies, products, or services by giving out these tiny helpful pieces of information with extraordinary designs like the poker chip logo.

Take a good survey of modern cards. You will notice that they are multitasking tools. You can utilize them as a ticket, bookmark, or even a sticker. It is not just your typical first contact point with the person you considered as a potential customer. Now, business owners smartly practice the cards as a handy marketing tool.

What details to include

First, decide on the info your card should contain. That is necessary as there is only a small space available, which does not allow for the addition of your company’s every detail. Smart businesses have websites, email addresses, mobile numbers, fax numbers, and additional contact particulars. Then, your logo and company name also expose. So, give your custom business card maker only important details to ensure the designer does not struggle for space.

Make it legible

Do not narrow the info to the area that it is hard to read at first glance. If you reduce the text’s font size to accommodate for more details, the text may not be as clear as it is online. When printing the letters, they may become dirty. Therefore, avoid the calligraphy lettering style with details. Make sure not to use fonts of less than 8pt.

Use your creative powers

While following some design rules, when making your business cards, use some imagination as well! Take a glance at inspirational designs and try to develop something unique like the poker chip design. The emphasis should be on giving your contact information in your different way.

Pick the right style

Most business cards are clear and simple. Others are loaded with colors. Which style entertains your business services better? While shiny shades are right for providing a sense of excitement and freshness, extra colors could help, as unique elements like a poker chip logo. You can opt for a company providing custom business cards where you can design a card full of colors as well a simple black & white one!

Have a QR code

Business cards are more helpful if they carry QR Codes. When you need to enter information into the restricted card space, a proven method is to design your QR Code. The code is the best way to combine all of your company’s contact details without making the card appear cluttered. Additionally, you can build a link among your website’s content and other printed information and online platforms.

Special finishes

Make sure that your custom business cards seem like high-quality finished products of exceptional artwork. So, please give it a quality finish. This is the idea to make your card stand out among your competitors. You can transfer out the proper signals about your business this way. Therefore, ensure the use of spot-UV, foil blocking, metallic inks, etc, to give the best finishing touch for a fantastic visual impression.