Attention spans are getting shorter, which means individuals and businesses need to be creative in keeping their brand in front of potential customers.

If you hand out a paper business card, where do you think it ends up?

Let’s take a few seconds and think about what you do with paper business cards.

Where do you put them?

How quickly do you forget about them?

Where do they eventually end up?

Sadly, we all know the fate of paper business cards we’ve collected.

So how do we solve this problem?

We solve it by creating a business card that is so creative and unique, people will want to keep them—a business card that truly stands out from all the rest—a business card that is NOT paper! 

Business Card Poker Chips are the perfect solution! Not only are they creative and unique, but they are very tactile!

A lot of people need something for their hands to do. People LOVE to play with them, give them a few and they will keep moving them around in their hands. And they make an addictive clicking noise and they are a great icebreaker when at a networking event or meeting a first time client!!


• Golfing with clients, or sponsoring a Golf Tournament? Hand out your chip for others to use as a ball marker.


• No one throws them away!  They keep them, share them with others (always hand out a few), golfers carry them in their golf bags.


• And if you really want to go next level… Magnetic Business Card Poker Chips are a hit with industries like Real Estate, Agents, Restaurants/Bars, Home Repair, Auto Sales, etc.

I purchased these chips as business cards. One of my customers wasn’t ready at that time to use my services, but he kept that chip on his desk for almost a year. He shared with me it was the only card he kept on his desk as it was unique. He called me up to sign a contract recently. I am very pleased with the outstanding customer service I received from the Logo Golf Chips family. They make you feel as if you are part of theirs.

Andrew Hogenson, Premier Pharmacy Services

Here are a few additional ways that Business Card Poker Chips can be used:

• Include a promotion to entice new customers
• Drive repeat business with VIP rewards
• Celebrate a company milestone with a memorial chip
Tradeshow giveaways
• Create collectible logo chips with Holiday Designs
• Employee rewards or recognition
• Sponsored event giveaway


Be creative, because the uses for Business Card Poker Chips are endless!! 

First Impressions are everything in Sales!

Isn’t it time to “Break the Ice” in style with Business Card Poker Chips?

You’ll Leave a Lasting Impression. Every time.