Unique Business Card Design

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A business card is great for networking.  It represents your brand and sells your skills in a nutshell. It can mean the difference between having a memorable encounter with a potential buyer or a forgettable one. Here are some tips to follow when creating unique business card design that stand out.

Do: Create a Unique Business Card that Is True to Your Brand

Many professionals identify a niche and stick to it. If you specialize in commercial property, for example, the design on your real estate business card should reflect this. Similarly, your goal may be to attract buyers in search of a condominium. Select a business card design that will appeal to such buyers; one that will stand out as different. 

Customized business cards come in a wide variety of designs; hence you will be able to identify one that will enable you to stay true to your brand.

Do: Include a Picture of Yourself

Most businesses are built on personal connections. A picture of yourself not only establishes trust and credibility but also helps the customer to remember you. It is a way of branding yourself in a way that sets you apart from the crowd. Hence, procuring a professional headshot and incorporating it into your business card design is a great way to stand out. 

Do: Invest in the Best Quality Business Cards You Can Afford

The quality of your business card should reflect your professional brand and should be consistent with the rest of your promotional material. Choose good quality paper that has a fine look and feel to it.  The thicker the card, the better it will hold the design. Select a finish that will bring out the best of your selected colors. This is yet another good reason to work with a reputable company. Customized business cards will not disappoint. If you choose the perfect custom made business card provider, you will get a quality that is not only superior but also guaranteed.

Don’t: Overcrowd Your Business Card

The goal of having a business card is to convey vital information in a clear and memorable manner.  You want your card to stand out, not discarded with the rest; hence it is advisable to keep your design simple. Choose a font that is not too tiny; it should be easy to read. This rules out decorative fonts. Limit content to essential information and appropriate visuals only.

Don’t: Forget to Proof-Read Your Draft

For a unique business card design to be an effective marketing tool, the information on it must be displayed accurately. Therefore there is a need to verify that relevant details such as phone numbers and emails addresses read correctly. Typos and grammatical errors should be avoided at all costs as this will impact negatively on your brand.

If you invest in a good quality and unique business card that is well designed and thought out, it will help you achieve a good first, second, and even lasting impression on your potential customers. Poker Chip Universe has been in the business of providing top-notch business card chips since 2006. For pricing and other information, contact them online or at 888-610-5646.