Unique Business Cards

man holding a blank business card | unique business cards

In the business world, first impressions matter. A positive first impression portrays your business in a favorable light and ignites interest in your company. This highlights the importance of business cards. They represent your brand and what it stands for.  

Unique business cards are designed with this objective in mind; to present your brand in the best light possible for a lasting impression. Here are 6 ways these unique business cards can benefit your business.

  1. They Contribute a Valuable Personal Element to Business Transactions

Despite the trend toward electronic business transactions, nothing can replace the personal touch. Long-lasting business alliances are formed through personal contact. A unique business card design presented on a magnet business card will not only help break the ice, but it will also make an impression that will last long after the initial contact.

  1. Personalized Poker Chips Business Cards Are a Valuable Tool for Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is not only cost-effective, but also highly successful.  This is because your focus is on a single potential customer; hence, unique business cards are just the tool you need to share your marketing idea accurately and directly.

 A card that is handed over will make a much greater impression than an online contact. Viewing your magnet business card will prompt a follow-up. Best of all, your customer will not need to search for his wallet or phone contacts for your number. They will be readily available, displayed on the magnet business card.

  1. A Promotional  Avenue that Stands the Test of Time

Everyone delights in giveaways that serve a useful purpose and customized poker chips business cards are just the ticket. They can be used to hold up flyers, children’s drawings, and random notes, and best of all they are durable. 

Unlike promotional mugs, t-shirts and other items that are soon displaced or wear out, your unique business cards will remain visible on your customer’s fridge possibly for years, making this a brilliant marketing tool.

  1. They Offer a Memorable Snap-Shot of Your Brand

Unique business cards design with your business logo and relevant contact details stated clearly portrays your business as one that is legitimate and credible. A creative design on a magnet business card can be used to capture the spirit of your business. Your brand image will grow on the minds of those who view your card wherever it is displayed and soon it will become recognizable.

  1. A Magnet Business Card Sets you Apart from the Crowd

The use of business cards as a networking medium is not unusual; hence you want yours to stand out as special. A magnet business card will achieve this objective, especially if it is smartly designed and visually appealing. Handing out a business card is a great way to make your business stand out, but a magnet card is what will leave a lasting impression.

  1. A Practical Marketing Tool

A promotional tool that can help you advertise your business wherever you go is a valuable tool indeed. Custom poker chips business cards come in various sizes; hence they are convenient to carry. In addition to offering them in business settings, you can also give them away as gifts. 

This is a promotional tool that is cost-effective because ordering cards in bulk will earn you great discounts. The cards are made of durable material; hence your stock will last a long time.

Let your brand stand out. Poker Chip Universe is the world’s top company offering unique business cards. Contact us today for pricing and special deals.