Why should you use business card chips?

Despite the fact we now live in such an online world, First Impressions and meeting customers in person is still critical to the development for most businesses. Unfortunately, most Sales People and Small Business Owners don’t use the full potential of Business Cards during these First Impressions.

For hundreds of years, introductions have been made by exchanging small rectangular paper cards, but as we all know, these cards usually end up in a Trash Can or at the back of a desk drawer—never to be looked at again. Not exactly the best way to “Be Remembered!”

1. Business Chips Leave a Lasting First Impression

Over the past decade we introduced using Custom Poker Chips to the Business World and they’ve become a HIT! So many Sales People just blend into that Chamber meeting, Sales Networking event, or Tradeshow with their Paper Cards.

If you want to leave a Lasting Impression, custom Business Card Chips are the answer. Hand these to a prospect and it’s an automatic conversation piece that bridges the awkward introduction gap and opens up a dialogue to continue the connection.

The heavy weight of the chip, the bright colors of your logo and slogan, and having double sided information on the chip make this a wonderful marketing piece.

As your customer empties their pockets, paper cards will find the trash or that messy desk drawer, but THE CHIP…YOUR CHIP, ends up sitting on their Computer Monitor. For days, for weeks, for months, subliminally promoting your brand each time they look at the chip. Every time they pick it up and flip it or just carry it around in their pocket as their “Lucky Chip” they will remember your company!

2. “STAND OUT” in the Crowd

Our Business Card Chips are the Ultimate Sales tool to “Break the Ice”! Wether it’s a 1-1 meeting, a group event, or just in line at Starbucks… these chips are Fun and easy to hand out when meeting new people!

Handing your Business Chips to a new prospect STOPS them in their tracks—and it’s usually followed with a “What’s This” and “These are SO Cool!”

I’ve been in Sales for 25 years and it’s always nice to Stand Out and Be Remembered by Prospects. There maybe 10 other Real Estate Agents, or 5 other Car Salesmen you’re competing against and these Chips will always give you an advantage over the Paper Business Card (of your competition) that has long been discarded.


3. They Help Build your Brand

Business Card Chips are an excellent way for Businesses to stay ahead of the competition and keep new revenue rolling in.

When you hand a new prospect our High Quality 11.5 gram Business Card Chip they immediately think this is Cool! Our Team of Professional designers custom create a design that best highlights your logo and what you do.

With 12 outstanding chip colors, your company’s corporate/brand colors will look amazing.

For some, we add a redeemable coupon ($20 off an Oil Change, or Good For 1 Drink at a Restaurant) depending on the industry, and others may opt to use a memorable slogan like “Don’t Gamble with Your Insurance”, Choose XYZ! We can customize your message and there’s NEVER a Set Up Fee!

4. Multiple Uses for your Custom Chips

The Custom Chip you give your customer can be used in a variety of ways. First of all, it’s a business card and will most likely find a home on their Computer Monitor for several weeks, getting viewed each day.

If you’re into Golf, our roots began in the Golf World when we Created The Poker Chip Ball Marker product that sells in thousands of courses around the world. Your Golfing prospect has surely seen the Poker Chip Markers selling in these golf shops and your Chip may very well end up in the Golf Bag and used as a Golf Ball Marker during their golf rounds… which is a fantastic thing!

And it makes it so easy to sponsor Golf Tournaments by including your Poker Chip Ball Makers in the Goodie Bag for New Prospects.

In addition, we have Magnetized chips—if you have a Consumer based business like Real Estate, Insurance, Accounting, Lawyer, Electrician, Restaurant, etc…. you want your Business information on the Fridge. Our Magnet Poker Chips are perfect for this advertising and can last Forever on Fridge or File Cabinet!

Whether you use them strictly as a business chip, or decide to use them for promotions or redeemable coupons, Business Chips will get YOU noticed and remembered!!!


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