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A business card always has work to do. A business card has to make you appear good enough that potential clients can be assured you can help them with their needs. The right business designer for you? See what we have to offer at Poker Chip Universe with  custom poker chips markers that are elegantly designed under your budget limits.

People are running a lot of thoughts in their minds during a conversation, and it takes moments for them to forget your name. Others get your card by a referral or event without joining you face to face. In both scenarios, most prospects don’t reach out till they need your services. That’s why you have to provide potential customers with a solid purpose to hold onto your business card.

Business cards have restricted space to sell your skills. They also provide lots of chances to make a wrong first impression, which is hard to overcome.

Be sure to choose the right business card, if you don’t want your card to appear as a mess!

Right Business Card Designer For Your Brand

Instead of ruining your business card by choosing the less experienced and less skilled designers, opt  for Poker Chip Universe. The site offers custom business cards, available in a wide array of colors and designs. You can pick your authentic brand shades for more powerful brand identification; however, you can further combine these ten colors with your request. 

The most enjoyable piece is that poker chip business cards suit every business. Either you are a professional with many client meetings, a home development company, real estate, auto shop, or a sports business seeking an extra-large fan base? Your targeted audience will enjoy the poker chips. 

Every chip holds two sides, both having a 1.25-inch diameter, displaying your contact details and Logo. You will possess vibrant patterns that will not disappear even after being passed around a lot. The pictures are incredibly crisp and even photos of people can be printed (for tradespeople, or real estate agencies, for example). You can contact us through email, so we make a chip idea for your business.

Every chip is 11.5 grams and provides prospects an impact of work ethic and professionalism. And Yes, We don’t even charge set-up fees!

Why Poker Chip Universe?

Below are the reasons that make Poker Chip Universe different from other designers in the market

● Offers custom poker chips in 10 colors; all of the colors can be mixed within your order

● Double-sided logos included for all chips

● No set up fees!

● Line of 10 chip colors: red, black, green, blue, orange, purple, yellow, lime, black with pink, and navy!

What Makes Poker Chip Universe the Best?

Poker chip business cards are heavy in terms of weight, double-sided, and colorful! These cards show your pertinent information and logo in a style that standard business cards simply can’t. They are excellent, and prospects will perceive worth when you give this creative, fun business card to them. And, they will have those custom poker chip business cards at their desk.


This short and informational article must have solved all your confusions regarding the market’s best business card designers. So, instead of going to other designers that may mess up your business card (That will mess up your business’s reputation among people), go to the Poker Chip Universe to design your custom business card online, exactly according to your needs, under your budget limit!