It happens all the time!

You see our chips, love them, search online for custom poker chips, land on a random poker chip website, order, and end up completely disappointed.

Then, you contact us and we design outstanding new custom chips and you say, “I wish we ordered from you in the first place!”

Let’s take a few minutes to break down why our chips truly stand out from the rest: 

1. Our Unique Chips!

Look at other company’s chips… they’re all the same mass produced China chip style!

3 Reasons Why Our Custom Poker Chips STAND OUT Above Other Chips


NO other company has OUR Chips,

because they are OUR Chips!

We carefully custom craft the look, feel, number of stripes, and most importantly, the colors from the ground up.

Each chip color is carefully researched and discussed by our team. We have a beautiful palette of standard colors that accent a wide range of logos and several exciting chip and stripe combinations that make our chips look and feel, next level.

2. Our Design Team

When you order from other chip companies, you design your chip in an online designer and then it’s printed as is… right?

That is not how we do it!

We are the originator of poker chip business cards and from day one (way back in 2006) we have custom designed (and personally tweaked and reviewed) all of the chips we’ve produced.

Our designers know what will and won’t print well, have creative ways to best position all of your contact information, and they can customize your chips in ways those DIY designers can not (hint, hint, match your logo color to any of our chips).

This year we added a DIY Design Studio to our website where you can experiment with design on your own. Submit your DIY chips, our designers review them, and if needed, make improvements, or include an optional design on your proof for you to review.

3 Reasons Why Our Custom Poker Chips STAND OUT Above Other Chips

Our talented designers proof every single order, and if your design department submits a pre-designed chip, that’s fantastic, rest assured we will still review each design and make sure everything is precisely centered, fonts will print clearly, and everything is as perfect as possible.

There are no additional charges or fees for this custom design service!

3 Reasons Why Our Custom Poker Chips STAND OUT Above Other Chips

3. Personalized Service

From day one, and this will never change, we are a company of personalized service.

Give us a call, or send an email, and you will receive a response, usually from Mike Blake, the owner and founder of Poker Chip Universe (formerly Logo Golf Chips).

Questions get answered, help is given—whatever you need!

Don’t make a mistake and order from the wrong company,

upload your logo today!

Your chips are proudly printed right here in the U.S., and packaged and shipped directly from our Palm Desert, California location to anywhere in the world.